SKYDOG Style: Men’s Jewelry

SKYDOG Style: Men’s Jewelry

The SKYDOG workbench has enjoyed a succession of men’s rings so far this year, and we couldn’t be happier to see men’s jewelry taking off.

We believe earth magic is for everyone, so here’s our style notes on doing men’s jewelry with SKYDOG…

Men’s Jewelry Trends

When it comes to men’s jewelry, inlay is currently our number one trend. Featuring a band of stone set within a channel, this sleek setting style is unobtrusive and effortlessly wearable.

Our signet rings are also a classic choice for men. Usually chosen a little larger than our signature women’s styles, they’re all the better for showing off the unique stones – like this galaxy of a lapis lazuli.

Of course, SKYDOG jewelry is for everyone. We can make any of our pieces in any size to suit you – just contact us

Gemstone Jewelry for Men

One of the latest editions to our gemstone range, our Big Sur Jade has proved an immediate hit. This band ring pairs jade inlay with blue sapphire, a striking blend of modern and traditional stones.

For an impactful look, go big. The subtle grey-black tones of this chunky silver inlay ring help make this bold style wearable.

While darker stones like jade and onyx will always be popular for men, we also love to deliver a pop of color. Turquoise works brilliantly in inlay or a signet, and we can find the perfect shade for your tastes. In this striking signet we paired onyx with a deep teal turquoise.

Men’s Wedding & Engagement Bands

Gone are the days when men had to settle for a plain polished wedding band, as much as we still love crafting and wearing the classics! As a modern groom, you can choose any ring your heart desires, from surface texture to stone-set.

Our inlay rings are a popular choice for men who want a little color. If your bride has one of our gemstone-set engagement or wedding rings, why not consider an inlay-set band that complements her bridal set?

Men’s engagement rings are a growing trend, both for LGBTQ+ couples and for women keen to subvert tradition. At SKYDOG we can create a single piece or a coordinating set, whether you want a single-stone design or a band ring.

Need advice?

Need a guiding hand to choose your perfect piece of jewelry? Help is an email away…

Contact us at for personal styling or bespoke advice.

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SKYDOG Love Stories – Gabriella & Parker

SKYDOG Love Stories – Gabriella & Parker

From the Tuscan hills to Vashon Island, Gabriella & Parker’s love is a whirlwind tale of friendship becomes romance.

Re-working an heirloom piece into Gaby’s engagement ring, we’re thrilled to have played a part in this incredible story… 


 Il Loro Amore

Gabriella and Parker met in college, with dorm rooms on the same floor and friends in common. Best friends before they ever started dating, they were drawn closer together in the years after graduating. When Gabriella impulsively moved to Italy to be an Au Pair, Parker came to visit. By the end of his trip they had fallen deeply in love…

During their visit to Florence, they took a train out to San Gimignano in Tuscany for the day. They describe the trip as “straight out of a movie; we were sharing headphones listening to music, very nervously just entering this new kind of relationship.”

As the train flew through the Tuscan hills, Parker and Gabriella fell into a dizzying new chapter in their relationship. Running around the streets of Florence high on Chianti and new love, both realized they had found “their person”, and they had been there all along.

Given he travelled five thousand miles to make love happen, it’s perhaps fitting that Gabriella is inspired by how Parker brings his dreams and wishes to life. For Parker, he adores how Gaby shows care for the people she loves most.


The Engagement

Gabriella & Parker’s proposal was as spontaneous and natural as the couple themselves.

After moving into their first apartment together they were excited to explore the bustling city life of Seattle. But this was early 2020, and instead they found themselves navigating the emotional upheaval of covid, lockdowns, and protests.

So when the proposal came, it was an unplanned moment of joy in the midst of some dark days. Gabriella explains – “We were driving home late one night from a friend's house. It had been a hard day with lots of Covid sadness. On our way home, I looked over at him and said let's go make a drink, go to our favorite park in the city, and get engaged. He looked at me with the biggest eyes and his hand that I was holding immediately started to sweat…”

Both laughing, they headed for home. They grabbed a blanket and wine, and drove out to Magnuson Park. Parker and Gabriella got and got engaged listening to their favorite song by The National under a huge full moon.

The ring was just as unique and personal. Having found SKYDOG on Instagram, Parker was fascinated with the design and story of our brand. The couple already knew theirs would be an heirloom rework using a ring Gabriella had gifted to her by her grandma many years ago. Gabriella had played with this chunky, antique ring as a child, pretending to married – and now, it became her engagement ring.

Together, Jordan and Parker designed a new piece incorporating the existing diamonds. The design was a complete surprise to Gabriella, who adored the fusion of the sentimental diamonds, Parker’s ideas, and our SKYDOG touch.


The Wedding

Gabriella and Parker married in July 2021 at Gabriella’s grandparents’ cottage on Vashon Island. Their beautiful, intimate wedding was a celebration of love – a huge party by the water filled with food, alcohol, dancing, hugging, kissing, and lots of happy tears.

Describing the day as “more than a dream come true… every bit felt like pure magic”, Gabriella and Parker know they’ll be fondly reminiscing on their wedding forever.

The wedding was captured on 35mm, polaroid, and Super 8 film by Hannah Shae (@hannahsheaphoto), resulting in natural, dreamy images that truly capture the spirit of the day.



Gabriella’s ring was a bespoke creation, designed by Parker and SKYDOG using Gabriella’s heirloom ring. The wedding rings were also SKYDOG – a ruby signet ring for Parker and a bespoke fitted band for Gabriella. 

For your own bespoke piece, please contact us at

We’d love to hear your own SKYDOG love story! Email Jordan at if you’d like to be featured.

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SKYDOG Style: Shaped Wedding Bands

SKYDOG Style: Shaped Wedding Bands


What is a shaped wedding ring?

Not all engagement rings fit with a straight wedding band.


If your ring is a trilogy or five stone, has a large or shaped centre stone, or has a lower set head, a straight wedding ring may not sit flush against it.


That’s why we offer shaped wedding bands, designed to sit beautifully with our solitaire, halo, and multi-stone rings.



What are the choices?

At SKYDOG, we think a wedding and engagement ring pairing should look effortless and harmonious. We also think your wedding band should be beautiful enough to wear alone.


So we offer three styles of shaped wedding band – a gentle swoop, an undulating wave, and a stylish wishbone.


You can wear these wedding rings alone, with each other, or as part of a ring stack.



What makes a SKYDOG shaped wedding band different?

Each one of our shaped bands is crafted with the same attention to detail and style as our engagement rings.


Our plain polished wedding bands have a square profile for a modern and sleek finish, while our pave bands add a sweep of sparkle to your bridal stack with delicately set diamonds.


Gemstone inlay bands are a SKYDOG signature, so we’ve worked with expert stone cutters and setters to develop turquoise inlay versions of our wave and wishbone rings. They add an incredible contrast of color and texture to your bridal set, or pair with your turquoise engagement ring for a cohesive and striking look.



Need advice?

Need help choosing a shaped wedding band for your existing engagement ring? Whether it’s a SKYDOG piece or not, advice is an email away. Contact us at

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Earth Magic in Focus: Agate

Earth Magic in Focus: Agate


There’s something special at SKYDOG – a new-to-us stone. Malibu agate.


Why is agate special?

Agate is beautiful in both meaning and appearance.


For SKYDOG, we choose creamy white agate with an intriguing variation of translucence and opacity. Agate is known for its distinctive bands, radiating outwards like the rings of a tree trunk. Other pieces look like clouds, or sea foam. Others are tinged with grey.


The individuality of the inclusions and patterning makes agate such a special stone for jewelry - no stone will ever be like yours.


Paired with gold or diamonds, this milky white or grey stone makes a subtle and ethereal statement.



What does agate symbolize?

Agate is a stone of abundance and harmony. A beautiful stone to symbolize the beginning of a marriage, agate is a blessing of good fortune and open hearts.


As a personal talisman, white agate brings protection and peaceful energy.



What are the properties of agate?

The positive energy of agate is said to help balance and soothe the emotions, promoting calm in any situation.


A healing stone associated with the crown chakra, white agate will help focus and still a busy mind.



Where does SKYDOG agate come from?

As always, SKYDOG commits to sourcing our stones as locally as possible. Our agate is no exception, coming to us from nearby Malibu. This magical region is more than just a famous beachfront, its coastline dotted with rugged hills and canyons. We like to think the contrast of luxury and nature makes these stones right at home in SKYDOG jewelry…


Our Malibu agate is sourced as rough, which we take to our stone cutter to be transformed into finished gems. Each stone is unique, so our cutter maps out the perfect shape and cut for each one, showcasing its individuality.



How do you care for agate jewelry?

Our natural agates are not treated or dyed, so you can clean your pieces with confidence.


To maintain the finish of the stone and jewelry, use a mild solution of warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Gently clean around your stone and setting before drying thoroughly with a soft cloth.


Finally, buff the metal to a shine with a soft or dedicated polishing cloth.


Intrigued to see our new stone? Follow us in Instagram for the first peek!

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SKYDOG Love Stories – Triss & Vinh

SKYDOG Love Stories – Triss & Vinh


Last autumn we were honored to craft a wedding band for Triss, the perfect match for her SKYDOG Carico Lake turquoise engagement ring.

We loved the romance of their story and proposal, so we’re thrilled to share it here with you...

Love Grows

The couple met working at a resort – Triss on front desk, Vinh as the concierge. Vinh would find every reason to help Triss, coming over to where she worked to engage her in conversation during slow times. Triss remembers “at one point, I [told] him my hands were cold. He took my hands to warm them up and said, ‘Cold hands, warm heart’.”

Vinh and Triss are each other’s greatest supporters – “he brings out the best in me and never doubts my potential”. Their lesson in love is to be each other’s home and safety. They accept the other’s flaws and bring strength where the other is weak.

Vinh and Triss say their relationship is built on vulnerability and honesty, sharing their deepest secrets without fear of judgement.

The Engagement

Triss knew she wanted a non-traditional engagement ring, and with turquoise having such significance in her culture she was set on this gemstone.

Finding SKYDOG on Instagram, she fell in love – and laid hints to Vinh about the spring green Carico Lake turquoise...

On a trip to Seattle for their spring break, Triss and Vinh spent a day exploring Olympic National Park and Madison Creek Falls. Triss describes the surprise proposal;

“I was taking pictures and videos. As I turned around to take a video of the waterfall [I] saw Vinh holding a little green box with my ring!!! I immediately cried, saying yes before he could even finish his speech.”

The Wedding

Amid the uncertainties of covid, the couple married surrounded by close family in October 2021.

Choosing Aspen Corner in Flagstaff, Arizona, a light wind made the yellow aspen tree leaves fall around them as they wed.

They designed their intimate ceremony to reflect both their individuality and heritage, from Triss’ incredible lace-adorned dress and vivid bouquet to the traditional Navajo ceremony.


Triss’ ring was a bespoke Carico Lake turquoise halo engagement ring and wishbone inlay wedding band. Find similar turquoise pieces here, or contact us for your own bespoke piece on

We’d love to hear your own SKYDOG love story! Email us at if you’d like to be featured.

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Skydog Style: Layering Necklaces (tips, how to)

Skydog Style: Layering Necklaces (tips, how to)



We believe jewelry should be an individual expression of style, so SKYDOG is designed for you to wear and style your way.

For this, we love necklace layering; an effective and popular way to create a personalized jewelry look. Heres our take on this now long-standing trend.

Make it Personal

The popularity of the layering trend means it is now possible to pick up ready-made necklace stacks. But we think the magic of this look is in how personal it can be, and thats why we suggest a more curated approach.

Style your SKYDOG with each other and with your existing collection. If you have meaningful and vintage pieces, pairing them with something sleek and modern, such as the Zoe necklace, updates your look and makes your heirloom pieces feel fresh.

Combining different color and textures makes for an immediately individual look. Choose to coordinate or clash your gemstones and even metal color

If your stack already features color gems, the Electra necklace is a chic way to add a little diamond sparkle. A collection of traditional necklaces in plain metal or diamond will benefit from a pop of color – even the simplest gemstone piece (such as our Callie Solitaire creates an immediate focus and contrast.

If you favor a cohesive color palette, try pairing faceted stones with cabochon or inlay as a subtle way to vary the textures in your layered look.

Avoiding Necklace Tangles

If theres one thing that puts people off layering necklaces, its fear of tangles. The simplest way to avoid this problem is to ensure variety in your stack.

First, wear your necklaces at different lengths; a 16 inch chain with a 18 inch pendant, for instance.

Second, vary your pieces, combining necklaces and chains with pendants. Pendants are a great addition to your stack as the weight of the piece helps keep the chain separate from others.

Finally, contrast the type and gauge of chain in your stack. Our modern belcher chains pair beautifully with your vintage gold chains, and the greater the difference in weight the less likely they are to tangle.

Discover our selection of necklaces here or get in touch if you’d like something bespoke for a truly original stack.

February 02, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa
Earth Magic in Focus: Diamonds

Earth Magic in Focus: Diamonds

We adore colored stones at SKYDOG, but theres also something so magical about a sparkling diamond accent.

Whether a halo on a gemstone engagement ring or a sleek huggie earring, here’s why we’re so taken by this glittering gem...


What Makes Diamonds so Beautiful?

Perhaps the best known and loved of all gemstones, diamonds are adored for their incomparable sparkle.

This glitter is created by the stones high Refractive Index. Light is reflected within the diamond before exiting, rather than just bouncing straight back off like light does on glass.

Jewelers harness this power with cutting, adding facets to a rough stone to create the signature diamond look. The cut of the stone is vital for sparkle stones that are too shallow or too deep will lose some of that irresistible brilliance.

Modern diamond cuts are the result of years of development, each shape requiring a carefully defined number and arrangement of facets for maximum sparkle.


What are the Four Cs?

The Four Csare a measure of diamond quality. Cut is one, as are Clarity, Color and Carat.

Diamonds are natural minerals, and theyre not all alike. Natural inclusions are found in most diamonds, and so a clarity scale is used to indicate how clear an individual diamond is, ranging from Flawless to Included. At the lower end of this scale imperfections inside or on the surface of the stone are clearly visible to the naked eye, while (rare) flawless stones are perfectly clean even under magnification.

SKYDOG diamonds are all VS quality. Standing for Very Slightly Included, it is one of the highest clarity grades. The small inclusions in VS diamonds can only be seen with 10x magnification, appearing completely clear to the naked eye.

Diamond color is also measured on a scale, from colorless D to the yellow or brown hues of Z. The less color a diamond draws, the more valuable it is - rare fancy colors aside. SKYDOG stones are at minimum ___ color, delivering a beautiful white sparkle.

Finally, carat - the weight of the diamond. When buying diamond jewelry you will always see the carat weight described and the larger a stone, the rarer and more valuable it is. Pieces with multiple small stones will have their total carat weight listed.


What Do Diamonds Symbolize?

Diamonds are the quintessential symbol of love and commitment. Contrary to popular belief, this isnt just down to clever marketing.

The Mohs scale is a measure of mineral hardness, based on how easily a material is scratched or marked. With a score of 10, diamond tops the chart and their famous strength has earned them a place in cultural symbolism since ancient times.

Combining both durability and colorless beauty, diamonds have long represented strength and purity. Buddhists referred to the stone as a symbol of perfection and insight, while ancient Romans believed them a divine stone, connected to the heavens.

The perfect stone to symbolize a lifetime of love, at SKYDOG we love to add beautiful diamond detail to our engagement [link to:] or wedding rings.

Of course, diamonds arent just for lovers. Sparkling diamonds are a powerful personal talisman, symbolizing inspiration and endurance. Said to help bring mental clarity, harness this stone to encourage personal and creative endeavors.

At SKYDOG, we find the origin story of diamonds magical. These glittering stones are millions of years old, formed in the earth below us by unfathomable heat and pressure.

Diamonds are ancient stones from inside the earth and yet they look like they fell from the skies. What an honor to wear them on our person.


Where do SKYDOG Diamonds Come From?

All SKYDOG diamonds are sourced from a trusted partner here in the US, who is as serious about sourcing as we are.

We ask all our suppliers for a guarantee of ethics and traceability. This industry standard is known as the Kimberley Process, established in 2003 to stem the flow of conflict diamonds.

Our partners adherence to this process is your assurance that the diamonds used in SKYDOG do not fund conflicts.

Our relationship also gives us access to some seriously beautiful stones. While SKYDOG signature lines use predominately melee size diamonds, we can source diamonds in a variety of sizes and cuts for a special custom piece .


Care for Diamond Jewelry

The strength and durability of diamonds gives you choices when it comes to cleaning your jewelry.

A mild soap and water solution will help remove build up of dirt or oils. A soft toothbrush can be used to clean gently around your stones, followed by a soft cloth to dry and shine. A dedicated jewelry cloth impregnated with polish can be used to buff the metal.

You can also place your diamond jewelry in an ultrasonic machine, which uses
gentle vibrations to
shakeyour piece clean. Inexpensive home models are widely available - add a little washing up liquid or a dedicated solution and follow the manufacturers instructions.

If your piece is old or has been knocked, please check with a jeweler before cleaning in an ultrasonic. They will be able to ensure that the delicate claws holding the diamonds in place have not been damaged by wear or time you dont want to risk losing a precious stone.

If your diamond jewelry contains other gemstones, follow the care advice for that stone.

Enjoyed this? Discover our most brilliant diamond pieces, or sign up for the mailing list for more jewelry-industry insights.

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Earth Magic in Focus: Turquoise

Earth Magic in Focus: Turquoise


The only stone to have a color named after it, vibrant turquoise is a SKYDOG signature. Set in a bohemian stud earring or a striking engagement ring, this gemstone wows with color unlike any other and incredible symbolism. 

What Makes Turquoise So Beautiful? 

Aesthetically, turquoise is a versatile and universally flattering stone. Set in glowing yellow or rose gold the stone wows with color in a luxurious and joyful contrast of shades. In silver or white gold, turquoise is cool and sleek, giving modern bohemian vibes. 

Turquoise is known not only for its color, but its gorgeous patterns and inclusions. The signature veining is known as the ‘matrix’ and is formed from the stone in which the turquoise was found. 

Depending on the origin of the turquoise, this matrix could be anything from pale quartz veins to a deep brown spiderweb. If your turquoise jewelry seems to glitter with flecks of gold, that’s pyrite – a mineral commonly known as fool’s gold. 

A Spiritually Significant Stone 

Revered since ancient times, turquoise is found on many continents. Its spiritual and symbolic significance spans history and peoples. 

For some indigenous American tribes turquoise was harnessed as a protective amulet in battle. Others looked to the ‘stone of the sky’ as a healing talisman, a link between the heavens and earth. 

The idea of protection is common to Middle Eastern, Asian, and Mediterranean cultures too. While turquoise adorned the armor of Turkish soldiers, in Tibet and Nepal it was gifted to children as a talisman of safeguarding and luck. 

What Does Turquoise Symbolize? 

The modern symbolism of turquoise looks to the ancients. Protection and good fortune are at the heart of turquoise’s meaning, making the stone a wonderful choice for self-gifting, present buying, or romance. 

As a personal talisman, turquoise is said to inspire wisdom and tranquility. Harnessed as a protective amulet, turquoise imparts inspiration and healing. 

Turquoise has long been used to give blessings of good fortune and hope, and we love to do the same. In engagement and wedding jewelry, turquoise is a wish for a beautiful life together. 

What are the Properties of Turquoise? 

Turquoise is a powerful stone for reflection and purification. 

Associated with the throat chakra, turquoise is said to help with communication – whether that be opening your heart to another or delivering a speech. 

Focus on turquoise to help clear your mind and find a sense of peace 

Where does Skydog Turquoise Come From? 

Turquoise is mined all over the world, but when it comes to our signature stone we uphold our promise to source locally and sustainably. When you buy our turquoise jewelry, you’re supporting our belief that considered sourcing matters. 

SKYDOG jewelry uses two different types of turquoise: Arizona and Carico Lake. Arizona turquoise is the classic bright, vivid blue shade, while Carico Lake turquoise has a distinctive spring green hue. 

Each piece of turquoise is sourced directly from the mine owners of the Kingman and Carico Lake mines respectively – we know they care about their workers and the earth. 

How To Care for Turquoise Jewelry 

Your turquoise pieces should be cleaned only with a mild solution of warm, soapy water, as cleaning chemicals, ultrasonics, or steam cleaners may damage the surface of your stone. 

With only a diluted soap solution or plain warm water, use a soft toothbrush to gently clean your turquoise. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth, and then polish the metal to a shine with a soft cloth. 

Fascinated by this stone as much as we are? Explore the full SKYDOG Turquoise collection here.  

December 20, 2021 — Jordan Dzierwa
The SKYDOG One of a Kind Collection

The SKYDOG One of a Kind Collection


What is One of a Kind Jewelry?

‘One of a kind’ is often shortened to OOAK – and however it’s written, it’s as special as it sounds. 

One of a kind fine jewelry is completely unique, thanks to the gemstones used, the design, or both. 

At SKYDOG we have a dedicated OOAK collection, an ever-changing selection of ready-to-ship gemstone jewelry just waiting for you to explore. 

Our One-of-a-Kind Gemstones 

The relationships we have built with mine owners and gem cutters are some of the most important in our business. Not only does it guarantee a sustainable and ethical gemstone supply, it also means that when they find a perfect SKYDOG stone, they let us know… 

As we can never resist an incredible gemstone, we have an ever-changing supply of beautiful stones on hand. Some of these stones are reserved for bespoke jewelry commissions, and others become our OOAK collection. 

Designer Jordan creates a unique design around each gemstone. This may be a custom-sized version of a signature design or a completely new idea. The design process is centered on showcasing the properties and beauty of the individual gemstone. 

Why Choose One of a Kind 

Every stone used in OOAK jewelry is unique, meaning any given piece can never be repeated exactly. If you love the idea of owning jewelry unlike anyone else’s, one-of-a-kind is for you. 

OOAK is perfect for gift-giving; there’s something so special in knowing the jewelry you’ve been given is a true original. 

Unlike SKYDOG signature collections, our one-of-a-kind pieces are available immediately… perfect for last minute presents or impatient collectors! 

Can You Remake One of a Kind Jewelry? 

As each OOAK piece is a one-off we can’t guarantee availability – once a piece has been purchased, it will not return. 

However, if you’ve missed out on a one-of-a-kind piece or it wasn’t in your size, please email

December 20, 2021 — Jordan Dzierwa