You might have seen us sharing some appearances at in-person markets over on our Instagram page recently.

If this seems like something new for SKYDOG, you’d be half right. Founder Jordan explains why in-person markets are a return to his early-SKYDOG roots…

Setting up at the first ever SLOW Market


“In the last few months I’ve started doing in-person markets again, after a few years of taking a break.

When I began SKYDOG, craft and jewelry markets were a way of getting my pieces out there and connecting with my audience. But to be frank - markets are a lot of work! With set-up and breakdown, insurance, and transport for all of my jewelry, in-person markets require a lot of time to do properly. If I’m honest, I was happy to slow down on markets once my web presence began to grow. 

But lately I’ve come full circle, and I’m realizing once again how important markets are.

Signet Rings at the first SLOW Market


You already know that local and national sourcing is an important part of how SKYDOG works when it comes to our jewelry. With our latest move to Laguna Beach we want to immerse ourselves in our surroundings, including our local community.

So recently, I've begun participating in a new monthly market called SLOW Market, run by local social club The Great Love Club. The Great Love Club has a mission to build a connected community, joined by a desire to live intentionally and mindfully. 

SLOW Market banner in Laguna Beach


The SLOW market is held the first weekend of each month, bringing together local businesses and individuals. What has changed things for us is finding a market that fits so well with the SKYDOG values. Here, we get to showcase our jewelry alongside local vendors who also live their values - creativity and hand-skills, considered living and meaningful products.

Talking rings with Brooks


At these markets, I get to meet people who may not have heard of my brand before. It's a great opportunity to introduce myself and my jewelry, and to share my story with this new audience. I get to talk about my design and crafting process, and to share the inspiration behind each piece. It's always important for me to have a personal connection with my customers, and in-person markets allow me to do just that.

Admiring the turquoise/gold pieces


There's a benefit to me as a designer, too. At in-person markets, I get to see what people are drawn to. I can tell which pieces are catching their eye and which ones aren't getting as much attention. I get an understanding of what matters to our audience when I hear what they ask for or wonder about. This is all valuable information for me as a designer, because it helps me to create pieces that my customers want.

There's something magical about seeing and meeting someone in person. I find face-to-face interaction so special, not least because jewelry is such a personal purchase. I get to hear why someone chooses a particular piece, and they get to hear the thoughts and stories behind them.

Trying on my personal brushed rose gold/Mexican jasper signet ring


With craft and gemstones such a fundamental part of SKYDOG, I also love getting to show my rocks alongside the jewelry they are featured in. It really helps bring that part of our work to life.

So although doing in-person markets still involves some work, these days I’m actually looking forward to taking part in each one every month. If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you there!”

Me and my love, founder of Great Love Club/SLOW Market

Find SKYDOG at A SLOW Market

The next SLOW Market, by The Great Love Club, will be held on May 6th in Laguna Beach. In June, we’ll be at the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. SLOW Markets are held on the first weekend of each month - you’ll find details here.

Silver on the left, gold on the right


The spread


Talking details on stones


Simba the 5 month old handsome kitten


Turquoise details

May 04, 2023 — Jordan Dzierwa
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