Skydog is the creative expression of designer and founder Jordan Dzierwa. He has distilled his interest in architecture, culture, fashion, nature, and various other fields into the art of jewelry. While not for everyone, his pieces are imbued with a sense of exclusivity, reverence, quality, and respect. If you are searching for heirloom quality jewelry, you have come to the right place. If you are interested in the finest gemstones and metals, it is here that you will find them. If you are looking to support a designer who is driven by more than just profit, you have arrived. It is here that you will find such things and so much more. Skydog is art. Art with which you choose to adorn your body. It is intimate. It is sacred. If you choose to honor yourself with a piece that Jordan has made, please know that he too is honored, and humbly bows in gratitude. 




In 1927, Jordan's grandfather, the son of Polish immigrants, began making jewelry and working for model factories in St. Louis, Missouri. In the photo above, he sits at his drafting table in the basement of his home in that very city. Completely self taught, he spent his entire life as a jeweler, working for numerous companies such as Black Hills Gold in South Dakota and clients such as Ford Motor Co. He raised eleven children, one of which is Jordan's father. 


 Pops, 5th & Hill, 1970

Pops, Lake Forest, 1990's

In 1969, Jordan's father moved to Los Angeles and purchased a small jewelry shop downtown at 5th & Hill. He graduated as a Gemologist from GIA in Santa Monica and spent decades working downtown. The first photo above was taken around 1970, the second in the 90's after he had met his wife and moved to Orange County. He later sold his first shop and opened another in Lake Forest, CA before retiring in the late 90's.


Photo: Harvy Moon

In 2013, Jordan sold all of his possessions and bought tools and supplies for making jewelry. Completely self taught just as his grandfather was, he currently works out of his studio in downtown LA at 7th & Hill, following in his father's footsteps.