Lauren and Hayley’s love story begins with throwing spitballs, and leads to an ethereal Scottish wedding day, watched over by rainbows…


College & connection

When they met in high school, Lauren and Hayley only ever spoke in math class. While Lauren threw spitballs to get a laugh out of Hayley, they’d commiserate over their mutually disappointing grades.

Their friendship drifted with the end of college, but after reconnecting at San Diego Pride they quickly became fast friends. This wasn’t ‘love at first sight’, but instead felt like an immediate meeting of souls. It was as if they had always known each other. 

The next few months were spent in adventuring and yoga - and over the weeks spent together, a series of moments turned into something more. Eventually, Hayley and Lauren realized they’d found love.

Lauren speaks of being drawn to Hayley for her kindness and humor. Despite the years of knowing each other, she is still “constantly intrigued” to discover Hayley’s many and different layers. For Hayley, Lauren’s ability to make her laugh is as important now as in those college math classes. Describing her wife as “weird and one of a kind”, she adores Lauren’s passion and open-mindedness.


 The Engagement

With Tic-Tac-Toe having math-class significance for the couple, Lauren planned to use the game in her proposal.

On a day in high summer the pair took a trip to Provincetown in Cape Cod - more commonly known as Ptown. Sitting down on the beach, Lauren asked Hayley to play tic-tac-toe in the sand. They traded Os and Xs until, on her third move, Lauren put down a ring box.

As it happened, the proposal didn’t entirely come as a surprise to Hayley. Having a feeling Lauren planned on proposing, Hayley had come prepared with a ring of her own to give Lauren, too.

Describing Jordan as a “mind-reader” and “truly amazing at what he does”, Lauren describes the process of creating the bespoke engagement ring.

“I came to Jordan with half an idea, and he knew immediately how to transform what was in my mind into something a hundred times better”. Together, Lauren and Jordan created a modern, oval solitaire for Hayley.


The Wedding

Hayley and Lauren’s wedding was a Scottish elopement, taking place above the soaring landscapes of the Isle of Skye. Hiking up her wedding dress, Hayley climbed almost 2000 feet to the ceremony site, cheered on by supportive - if shocked - onlookers.

The day was ethereal and beautiful - and not without a magical touch. Not one but many rainbows broke through the clouds over the “unreal landscapes”. With their photographer and his husband with them, it “felt like the rainbows had come out for the gays”!

Seeing her rings for the first time was another highlight for Hayley. Her wide band was set with an heirloom diamond from her mum. This complete surprise for Hayley was a beautiful and special moment in the day.



Hayley’s engagement ring is an oval solitaire, paired with a custom-made open ring and a wide, diamond set band with a hand-applied brushed finish.


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May 03, 2023 — Jordan Dzierwa
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