I've been making engagement rings for the majority of my jewelry career and had a hand in hundreds of engagements and marriages across the world. I’m excited to finally share my own with you ~

We met at a small organic farm. She was working, he was shopping. For a few months, we’d catch each others glance or engage in awkward conversation until finally one of us suggested we should hang out. The rest is history.

On our first date, we met up for late night tea and ended up talking for hours. When we closed down the tea shop, we sat in the car until late into the night, going through her CD collection and making each other laugh. We bonded instantly over a shared love of health, spirituality and kindness. We just understood each other. When we told friends at the farm we were dating, the overall response was “I was wondering if you two would get together”. Everyone thought we'd be the perfect couple.

We moved in together after just 2 months and instantly found a beach cottage in our dream town of Laguna Beach. This is how life has worked out for us so far, we have been guided by blessing after blessing and the blessings have yet to slow down.

Our Elopement

We eloped after two years of learning and growing together.

Our elopement was a divine surprise. We had planned to privately elope at the courthouse through the signing our marriage license but we didn’t realize that a ceremony was a requirement in California. Tif’s pastor, Josh, was available the next day so we reached out to our sweet friend Bree at Bluebird Canyon Farms who, without hesitation, allowed us to use their hilltop farm as our destination. Accompanied by our married friends Gemma and Ahmet as our witnesses, we were married in the presence of these 4 who dropped everything to support us on a moments notice. Gemma and Ahmet happen to be professional photographers and our social media managers so of course they brought cameras and captured this beautiful film, along with a few disposable cameras Tif had in her bag.

It seems full circle that we met at an organic farm and married at an organic farm. Life doesn’t get any more perfect than this.

Our Rings

We designed our wedding bands over pastries at Canyon Coffee. We wanted them to compliment each other and slightly match so we decided on similar widths and colors.

TIF - my engagement ring is a yellow gold bezel set signet with a Kornerupine gemstone. The band is blond gold with bezel set champagne diamonds. The signet was originally made for my right ring finger. I fell in love with the raw stone and we designed the ring one late night at the office. When it was finished, it ended up fitting my left ring finger perfectly. Fatefully, I fell in love with it and gave it to Jordan on the premise that when he’s ready he propose to me with it. He proposed right then and there. For the band, I wanted something understated and inexpensive. Jordan surprised me by not listening and getting me the most beautiful dusty champagne diamonds. I couldn’t be happier with my unique set.

JORDAN - my band is an inlay of light brown flint with white spots from a stream in Italy. We spent a couple weeks in Northern Italy earlier this year and went for a hike in the mountains. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mountain stream was filled with beautiful chunks of flint. Some black, some grey, some brown. I took a few home thinking they would polish up nicely - and they did! The metal is 14k brown gold from a special casting house in New York. The style is actually the 4mm inlay band from my Canis Major women’s collection. It’s a special piece since I collected the stone myself and it goes great with a matching color gold.

You can read more about our Honeymoon road trip on Tif's substack.

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February 05, 2024 — Jordan Dzierwa
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