SKYDOG’s first dedicated collection of men’s and unisex jewelry has arrived! We’ve created a modern range of essential jewelry collection pieces, realized in the SKYDOG style. In an impactful, wearable edit, chunky silver is set with a forest-green color palette of natural gemstones. Let’s explore…

The inspiration

Last year we crafted some incredible bespoke jewelry. As always, we designed a diverse collection of pieces. Silver and gold. Diamonds and semi-precious gemstones. Meaningful gifts for loved ones and pieces to mark self-celebrations.

But there was one clear trend - we created more men’s pieces than ever. Our workbench saw an influx of chunky signet rings and pendants, with bold and unusual gemstones at their heart. A new collection called…

After a summer spent gem-hunting in the rugged Californian landscape, founder Jordan drew on his experiences and finds for inspiration. Our new unisex collection elevates classic styles with SKYDOG’s minimal, nature-inspired twist.

The designs

The collection is designed for men and women who want everyday, statement pieces. We wanted to create jewelry to wear all the time, pieces that become your signature for years to come.

In rings, we’ve reimagined classic silhouettes into modern, wearable pieces. Our edit of wide bands and signet rings has been designed for choice. Sizes range from effortless to statement, in a choice of plain polished silver and stone-set. Even the simplest of pieces are carefully designed for impact and comfort, including rounded profiles and a highly polished finish.

For foundational pieces, we’ve created bracelets and chain necklaces in a signature chain. Decide between five weights of our custom curb chain, designed with a subtly rounded profile for a luxurious look.

Paired with your chain of choice, pendants add personality. Decide between sleek silver and gemstone-set, in a range of sizes to be layered and combined to create your own look. Once again, we’ve drawn inspiration from classic pieces, such as our modern, engravable take on a dog-tag pendant style. Choose jade pendants in bold, geometric inlay or more delicate cabochon style, their twisted surrounds a unisex take on a halo look. 

The gemstones

The gemstones at the heart of the collection nod to Jordan’s love affair with jade. Big Sur Jade and British Columbia Jade liven the collection with a spectrum of green. There’s a reason this stone is becoming a new SKYDOG signature - the infinite variations in this gemstone are fascinating and striking.

Big Sur Jade is so deep in color that it can appear almost black, its rich green tones coming through when examined closely in the light. Pure black stones such as onyx are a classic choice for men’s and unisex jewelry. Using dark green Big Sur Jade is our twist on that tradition.

British Columbia Jade, on the other hand, is a vibrant shade of moss-green. Expertly set in silver, it brings a lively flash of color to the clean and minimal designs.

To showcase the opaque appearance and beautiful inclusions of jade, we’ve cut them into inlay and cabochon styles. The smooth surfaces and crisp geometry allow the unique variations and patterns of each stone to shine through, small details that make each piece individual.

For now, forever…

Our new men's and unisex jewelry reinvents essential pieces with our modern, individual touch. Designed to build a signature look, our chunky silver rings, chains and pendants are perfect for layering. 

Simple and minimal, the collection makes a statement for every day. Big Sur and British Columbia Jade adding color in novel shades of green. As always, every piece is expertly handcrafted in the SKYDOG studio. Modern in style, and heirloom in quality.

Discover the full collection here.

March 20, 2023 — Jordan Dzierwa