At its core, SKYDOG jewelry is all about celebrating nature. Our jewelry is made from the gifts given to us from the earth; precious metals and rare gemstones. In every piece there is an intrinsic sense of pride for the planet we live on, and a celebration of earth magic. 

Because the earth really is magical. It creates wondrous pieces of art over thousands of years under intense conditions. The variation of chemicals, compounds, and colors creates unique beauty and wonder that is sometimes hard to believe. Here, founder Jordan explores how nature shapes our work… 

“As a jewelry designer, I am always looking for inspiration. It comes in many different shapes and forms but for me, more often than not, inspiration arises from nature. So many of my designs are based around an element of our natural world - whether a gemstone from the earth or a design feature that reflects nature itself." 


The artistry of the earth 

I’ve long held a deep fascination with the way that the earth creates jewelry for us. In many ways, nature is the artist - producing beautiful gemstones and metals that we craft into shapes and designs.

I believe we can see the natural world reflected back to us in the visual stories told by gemstones. When we make these into jewelry, we get to wear a small celebration of nature.

Kingman turquoise from my collection

The natural world, in my palm

In the colors, textures, and light-play of gemstones, I see elements of the natural world. Turquoise is the ever-changing blue-green of the sea, opal the pale pink-gray of a new morning. 

For me, sapphires will always reflect the daylight sky. From rich blues to pale grays and everywhere in between, sapphires capture the shifting hues of the sky.

 In turquoise I see the kaleidoscopic quality of the sea. Sometimes teal, sometimes aquamarine, constantly shifting and moving in the light. With glistening veins of copper and pyrite, turquoise reminds me of sunlight on the surface of the water. Moving lines of light distort the barrier between sea and sky.

Lapis lazuli reminds me of the late sky in the fading light. Not yet the black of night, from its deep midnight blue specks of golden stars begin to glitter out.

Kamran of @rumigems sourcing top grade lapis

Lush green gemstones like beryl, emerald, and jade capture the colors of a prehistoric, Jurassic world. An intense shade of green only found in the untouched fauna of the earth. Recently I went foraging for wild nettles, and in growth on the forest floor I saw the colors I work with every day.

The pastel fire of opal makes me think of the cosmos. Within an opal there is a cacophony of constellations, a milky way stretching out into the fissures and cracks. Their iridescent surfaces glow with a spectrum of colors, dancing and shifting in the light to create an incredible display, like the fantastical northern lights.

To no surprise, moonstone reflects the celestial body for which it is named. The silver-white glow captures thousands of years of wonder and worship.

Watermelon tourmaline gets its name from its resemblance to the fruit - but I see something a little different. The soft red against a flourishing green reminds me of summer fruit in leafy trees. Nature is all about abundance, and tourmalines reflect that feeling of growth and plenty.


Collecting Bay leaves in the San Bernardino mountains

A lifelong connection

I’ve always stepped out into nature to let creativity flow and inspiration find me. In recent months, I’ve combined my adventuring with stone hunting.

Trips out to the mines always fascinated me. Seeing the seams of colored gemstone breaking through the vast rockface is humbling and thrilling. My recent adventures in Jade Cove have taken my connection to nature even further - my inspiration and my materials colliding.

The natural world is an endless pool of inspiration. In the colors, shapes, movements, and textures of gemstones I can capture the wonder of nature in wearable pieces.

March 16, 2023 — Jordan Dzierwa