Why is moonstone special?

At SKYDOG, we love moonstones for their ethereal glow and pastel fire.

This distinctive shimmer of color is called schiller or adularescence, and is caused by inclusions of a mineral called feldspar. When two different types of feldspar meet in a stone, the characteristic effect is produced.

Each piece of moonstone is unique, revealing its individual personality at the hands of skilled cutters and polishers. Cut into a cabochon or with facets, it reveals its singular beauty.

What does moonstone symbolize?

Moonstone is a symbol of strength, hope and new beginnings – the perfect stone to mark the beginning of your life as a couple together. Historically, it was often gifted between lovers as a symbol of luck and romantic desire.

Inspiring personal change and growth, this stone is also a powerful choice for self-gifted talismans.

Associated with love, understanding, and motherhood, moonstone also makes a touching touch for anniversary rings and gifts.

What are the properties of moonstone?

Moonstone is said to help channel your intuition, helping you get closer to your true feelings. Moonstone also helps soothe emotions, encouraging calm and serenity.

Named for its celestial glow, moonstone’s innate connection with the moon fills it with feminine energy and bestows a connection with motherhood.

How do you care for moonstone jewelry?

Your moonstone jewelry can be cleaned with a gentle solution of soap and warm water.

Do not use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner, as high heat can cause moonstone to crack. You should avoid the use of cleaning chemicals, even those designed for jewelry, as they may damage the luster of your moonstone.

After gently cleaning your jewelry, dry thoroughly and use a soft polishing cloth to shine the metal.

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July 15, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa