Diamonds are one of the most popular precious gemstones, making them a classic choice for engagement and wedding rings.

But whether you’re swayed by budget or a desire to rebel, you might be keen to explore some alternatives. Here’s our pick of the best options…

For color: white sapphire

If your heart is set on a colorless diamond, white sapphire is a gorgeous alternative.

To best achieve that diamond look, choose a good white sapphire with minimal inclusions and an excellent cut.

A faceted white sapphire won’t have quite the same fire and brilliance as a diamond, but it will still sparkle beautifully. White sapphire works particularly well in a cut that shows off clarity rather than sparkle, such as this elegant emerald cut.

Although no stone can match diamonds for strength and hardness, sapphires are also a very durable gem. This makes them perfect for a ring you’ll wear day-in, day-out.

For brilliance: moonstone

Moonstone is the gem to pick if you love diamond’s unique sparkle. Because if you can’t replicate it exactly, why not pick something just as individual and magical?

Thanks to its unique mineral inclusions, moonstone has a completely unique fire, glowing with pastel colors that shift as you move.

We love to incorporate ethereal moonstones into designs that would classically contain diamonds – whether center stage or accent stones.

For the real deal: lab-created diamonds

Lab diamonds are big news in jewelry, and we’ve had the pleasure of making some incredible bespoke pieces containing these stones.

With exactly the same look and chemical composition as mined stones, lab-created diamonds are real diamonds. They’re created above ground, in laboratories replicating the natural processes under which diamonds are created.

As there’s no mining involved, the environmental impact is limited to the energy used to create the stones. And lab diamonds aren’t as rare as mined diamonds, so the cost of stone itself is slightly less.

Unlike simulants such as CZ and Moissanite, lab-created diamonds are genuine diamonds – only specialist labs and equipment can tell them apart. So if budget or concerns over mining are your sticking points, a lab-created stone might be your answer.

SKYDOG signature and OOAK lines are made with natural, mined diamonds, but we can make any piece with created diamonds on request – just contact us for a quote.

Choosing between lab and mined diamonds is a personal decision, and we’re happy to talk you through your options and offer quotes for both. To allow you to make an informed choice, pieces containing lab-created diamonds will always be clearly indicated.

We love talking jewelry, diamond or otherwise. Drop us a note on to commission your own rebellious engagement ring…

July 15, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa