For Abigail and Chantz, a double-date with mutual friends led to a five year long-distance relationship. Waiting to be together only brought them closer - here’s their beautiful story.

Long distance love

Ask Abigail and Chantz about their relationship, and their love for each other shines through. 

Abigail knew she’d found the one when she realized how Chantz made her laugh and smile like she never had before. Over their relationship they have never stopped fighting for love, whether far apart from each other or as a married couple.

“The best part of finding my husband was finding my forever best friend. I feel incredibly grateful to be his wife… he helps me see the brighter side of life & encourages me to be the best version of myself”.

Describing his wife as “bringing out the best” in him, Chantz effuses about how with every day his feelings for Abigail grow.

“I first thought I loved her, and then she’d do something that would make me fall even more in love with her - I’d think ‘okay, now this love.’ I was very wrong because she would just keep finding ways to make me fall even more in love with her, even to this day”.

The Engagement

When it came to her engagement ring, Abigail fell in love at first sight. Seeing a SKYDOG pear shape, opal ring on her Instagram explore page, she knew immediately she’d found the one she wanted on her finger for the rest of her life.

But while Abigail might have chosen the ring, the engagement was a complete surprise.

After waiting to propose for almost three years, when the time was finally right Chantz wasted no time.

“We agreed we should finish up long distance first - and with being at college I needed to save money for a ring. I finally graduated, and two weeks into my new job ordered Abigail’s ring. I proposed two days after it arrived in the mail because I couldn’t wait any longer”.

Having first asked Abigail’’s dad for permission, Chantz recruited her little sister to come along and take pictures as they hiked to a sunset lookout spot near the house. Posing for her sister to take a photo, Abigail realized Chantz was on one knee, asking her to marry him.

“Here’s the thing… Chantz had always liked to pretend to tie his shoes & ‘propose’… so when he actually proposed I thought he was messing with me & I was completely taken off guard!”

With the moment sinking in, Abigail and Chantz were engaged, watching the sun set as they listened to music.

There was to be one more twist in their engagement story. On vacation in Hawaii, Abigail took her engagement ring off before going into the ocean. When she came back to her belongings, it was gone.

Before it could spoil her trip, Chantz offered Abigail the love and perspective she needed - “It’s an object and is replaceable, you aren’t. Relax & enjoy the rest of our vacation.” On their return, we crafted a replacement.

The Wedding

In September 2021, Abigail and Chantz married on a cold, breezy day in Fort Bragg, California. Married on a cliffside with the ocean behind, at the perfect moment in the ceremony the sun broke through to shine on them.

Having both wanted a small and cozy wedding, twenty of their closest friends and family joined them for their intimate day. With a teepee, beautiful flowers, and a magical sunset, the day was as personal and special as they’d dreamed.

Chantz sums up his memories with a tribute to his bride and their day. “My favorite part of it was how beautiful Abby was that day and how happy I was to finally be able to call her my wife. Everything fit together so perfectly that I still can’t believe it even happened”.


For Abigail’s engagement ring (both of them!) we custom-made a pear-shape opal halo ring in a style similar to our Thea ring.

For the wedding, we crafted a fitted wedding band for Abigail.

All photos by Chelsi McFadden

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July 15, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa