The only stone to have a color named after it, vibrant turquoise is a SKYDOG signature. Set in a bohemian stud earring or a striking engagement ring, this gemstone wows with color unlike any other and incredible symbolism. 

What Makes Turquoise So Beautiful? 

Aesthetically, turquoise is a versatile and universally flattering stone. Set in glowing yellow or rose gold the stone wows with color in a luxurious and joyful contrast of shades. In silver or white gold, turquoise is cool and sleek, giving modern bohemian vibes. 

Turquoise is known not only for its color, but its gorgeous patterns and inclusions. The signature veining is known as the ‘matrix’ and is formed from the stone in which the turquoise was found. 

Depending on the origin of the turquoise, this matrix could be anything from pale quartz veins to a deep brown spiderweb. If your turquoise jewelry seems to glitter with flecks of gold, that’s pyrite – a mineral commonly known as fool’s gold. 

A Spiritually Significant Stone 

Revered since ancient times, turquoise is found on many continents. Its spiritual and symbolic significance spans history and peoples. 

For some indigenous American tribes turquoise was harnessed as a protective amulet in battle. Others looked to the ‘stone of the sky’ as a healing talisman, a link between the heavens and earth. 

The idea of protection is common to Middle Eastern, Asian, and Mediterranean cultures too. While turquoise adorned the armor of Turkish soldiers, in Tibet and Nepal it was gifted to children as a talisman of safeguarding and luck. 

What Does Turquoise Symbolize? 

The modern symbolism of turquoise looks to the ancients. Protection and good fortune are at the heart of turquoise’s meaning, making the stone a wonderful choice for self-gifting, present buying, or romance. 

As a personal talisman, turquoise is said to inspire wisdom and tranquility. Harnessed as a protective amulet, turquoise imparts inspiration and healing. 

Turquoise has long been used to give blessings of good fortune and hope, and we love to do the same. In engagement and wedding jewelry, turquoise is a wish for a beautiful life together. 

What are the Properties of Turquoise? 

Turquoise is a powerful stone for reflection and purification. 

Associated with the throat chakra, turquoise is said to help with communication – whether that be opening your heart to another or delivering a speech. 

Focus on turquoise to help clear your mind and find a sense of peace 

Where does Skydog Turquoise Come From? 

Turquoise is mined all over the world, but when it comes to our signature stone we uphold our promise to source locally and sustainably. When you buy our turquoise jewelry, you’re supporting our belief that considered sourcing matters. 

SKYDOG jewelry uses two different types of turquoise: Arizona and Carico Lake. Arizona turquoise is the classic bright, vivid blue shade, while Carico Lake turquoise has a distinctive spring green hue. 

Each piece of turquoise is sourced directly from the mine owners of the Kingman and Carico Lake mines respectively – we know they care about their workers and the earth. 

How To Care for Turquoise Jewelry 

Your turquoise pieces should be cleaned only with a mild solution of warm, soapy water, as cleaning chemicals, ultrasonics, or steam cleaners may damage the surface of your stone. 

With only a diluted soap solution or plain warm water, use a soft toothbrush to gently clean your turquoise. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth, and then polish the metal to a shine with a soft cloth. 

Fascinated by this stone as much as we are? Explore the full SKYDOG Turquoise collection here.  

December 20, 2021 — Jordan Dzierwa