What is One of a Kind Jewelry?

‘One of a kind’ is often shortened to OOAK – and however it’s written, it’s as special as it sounds. 

One of a kind fine jewelry is completely unique, thanks to the gemstones used, the design, or both. 

At SKYDOG we have a dedicated OOAK collection, an ever-changing selection of ready-to-ship gemstone jewelry just waiting for you to explore. 

Our One-of-a-Kind Gemstones 

The relationships we have built with mine owners and gem cutters are some of the most important in our business. Not only does it guarantee a sustainable and ethical gemstone supply, it also means that when they find a perfect SKYDOG stone, they let us know… 

As we can never resist an incredible gemstone, we have an ever-changing supply of beautiful stones on hand. Some of these stones are reserved for bespoke jewelry commissions, and others become our OOAK collection. 

Designer Jordan creates a unique design around each gemstone. This may be a custom-sized version of a signature design or a completely new idea. The design process is centered on showcasing the properties and beauty of the individual gemstone. 

Why Choose One of a Kind 

Every stone used in OOAK jewelry is unique, meaning any given piece can never be repeated exactly. If you love the idea of owning jewelry unlike anyone else’s, one-of-a-kind is for you. 

OOAK is perfect for gift-giving; there’s something so special in knowing the jewelry you’ve been given is a true original. 

Unlike SKYDOG signature collections, our one-of-a-kind pieces are available immediately… perfect for last minute presents or impatient collectors! 

Can You Remake One of a Kind Jewelry? 

As each OOAK piece is a one-off we can’t guarantee availability – once a piece has been purchased, it will not return. 

However, if you’ve missed out on a one-of-a-kind piece or it wasn’t in your size, please email jordan@skydogjewelry.com

December 20, 2021 — Jordan Dzierwa