We adore colored stones at SKYDOG, but theres also something so magical about a sparkling diamond accent.

Whether a halo on a gemstone engagement ring or a sleek huggie earring, here’s why we’re so taken by this glittering gem...


What Makes Diamonds so Beautiful?

Perhaps the best known and loved of all gemstones, diamonds are adored for their incomparable sparkle.

This glitter is created by the stones high Refractive Index. Light is reflected within the diamond before exiting, rather than just bouncing straight back off like light does on glass.

Jewelers harness this power with cutting, adding facets to a rough stone to create the signature diamond look. The cut of the stone is vital for sparkle stones that are too shallow or too deep will lose some of that irresistible brilliance.

Modern diamond cuts are the result of years of development, each shape requiring a carefully defined number and arrangement of facets for maximum sparkle.


What are the Four Cs?

The Four Csare a measure of diamond quality. Cut is one, as are Clarity, Color and Carat.

Diamonds are natural minerals, and theyre not all alike. Natural inclusions are found in most diamonds, and so a clarity scale is used to indicate how clear an individual diamond is, ranging from Flawless to Included. At the lower end of this scale imperfections inside or on the surface of the stone are clearly visible to the naked eye, while (rare) flawless stones are perfectly clean even under magnification.

SKYDOG diamonds are all VS quality. Standing for Very Slightly Included, it is one of the highest clarity grades. The small inclusions in VS diamonds can only be seen with 10x magnification, appearing completely clear to the naked eye.

Diamond color is also measured on a scale, from colorless D to the yellow or brown hues of Z. The less color a diamond draws, the more valuable it is - rare fancy colors aside. SKYDOG stones are at minimum ___ color, delivering a beautiful white sparkle.

Finally, carat - the weight of the diamond. When buying diamond jewelry you will always see the carat weight described and the larger a stone, the rarer and more valuable it is. Pieces with multiple small stones will have their total carat weight listed.


What Do Diamonds Symbolize?

Diamonds are the quintessential symbol of love and commitment. Contrary to popular belief, this isnt just down to clever marketing.

The Mohs scale is a measure of mineral hardness, based on how easily a material is scratched or marked. With a score of 10, diamond tops the chart and their famous strength has earned them a place in cultural symbolism since ancient times.

Combining both durability and colorless beauty, diamonds have long represented strength and purity. Buddhists referred to the stone as a symbol of perfection and insight, while ancient Romans believed them a divine stone, connected to the heavens.

The perfect stone to symbolize a lifetime of love, at SKYDOG we love to add beautiful diamond detail to our engagement [link to: https://skydogjewelry.com/collections/rings] or wedding rings.

Of course, diamonds arent just for lovers. Sparkling diamonds are a powerful personal talisman, symbolizing inspiration and endurance. Said to help bring mental clarity, harness this stone to encourage personal and creative endeavors.

At SKYDOG, we find the origin story of diamonds magical. These glittering stones are millions of years old, formed in the earth below us by unfathomable heat and pressure.

Diamonds are ancient stones from inside the earth and yet they look like they fell from the skies. What an honor to wear them on our person.


Where do SKYDOG Diamonds Come From?

All SKYDOG diamonds are sourced from a trusted partner here in the US, who is as serious about sourcing as we are.

We ask all our suppliers for a guarantee of ethics and traceability. This industry standard is known as the Kimberley Process, established in 2003 to stem the flow of conflict diamonds.

Our partners adherence to this process is your assurance that the diamonds used in SKYDOG do not fund conflicts.

Our relationship also gives us access to some seriously beautiful stones. While SKYDOG signature lines use predominately melee size diamonds, we can source diamonds in a variety of sizes and cuts for a special custom piece .


Care for Diamond Jewelry

The strength and durability of diamonds gives you choices when it comes to cleaning your jewelry.

A mild soap and water solution will help remove build up of dirt or oils. A soft toothbrush can be used to clean gently around your stones, followed by a soft cloth to dry and shine. A dedicated jewelry cloth impregnated with polish can be used to buff the metal.

You can also place your diamond jewelry in an ultrasonic machine, which uses
gentle vibrations to
shakeyour piece clean. Inexpensive home models are widely available - add a little washing up liquid or a dedicated solution and follow the manufacturers instructions.

If your piece is old or has been knocked, please check with a jeweler before cleaning in an ultrasonic. They will be able to ensure that the delicate claws holding the diamonds in place have not been damaged by wear or time you dont want to risk losing a precious stone.

If your diamond jewelry contains other gemstones, follow the care advice for that stone.

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January 07, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa