Colored gemstones have long been revered across centuries and civilizations for their spiritual properties.

Here, founder and designer Jordan explores the spiritual nature of gemstones, their history, and their contemporary prevalence.


Let’s get spiritual… 

“For thousands of years, humanity has honored colored gemstones for their physical and spiritual properties.

From the Mayans to the Aztecs, the Ancient Egyptians to the Roman Empire, Native Americans to the modern day, gemstones have been believed to imbue their wearer with properties of protection, knowledge, power, or love.

Egyptian Amulet carved from Carnelian

Gemstones have been worn by high priestesses, pocketed by princesses, set in crowns of kings, and adorned on the breastplates of warriors. And not only because they are beautiful. Civilizations across the world recognized that these precious wonders from beneath the ground contained earth magic and spiritual properties that could help guide the wearer throughout their life. 

Before a greater understanding of science and medicine developed, humanity sought answers in uncertain times from the natural world around them. We might know more now about why and how things happen, but we still live in uncertain times. Gemstones are still treasures offered up to us from the earth and contain within them the power of nature. In so many ways, gemstones still hold the same spiritual potency today as they did for ancient civilizations.  

The power of gemstones is still prevalent in modern society because we often experience or feel moved by forces greater than that which can be explained or rationalized.


Roman ring made of garnets and gold


Crystals vs. Gemstones 

At this point, you might be wondering about the difference between gemstones and crystals (which also offer spiritual properties).

The difference is in the (chemical) detail. Gemstones are made from rarer and higher quality elements than crystals. Crystals are more commonly found and valued for their crystalline structures as opposed to their chemical composition. Gems are formed in extreme conditions miles below the earth's surface. There is a deep, resonating power involved in their formation. 

They’ve seen more of earth’s history and contain within them more of the elements and magic of nature. Because of this, gemstones are thought to be more powerful in their spiritual properties and powers. Practically, gemstones are also much better to be made into jewelry because they are stronger and more durable than crystals.


Wearable magic

Gemstones carry within them the power of the earth. They are beautiful and joyful - but they can also guide and help us on our journey through life.

I believe deeply that gemstones are one of the earth's great gifts to us. The intricacy and wonder of their creation in the earth's core is nothing short of miraculous.

The deep spiritual connection they offer is one of the reasons I love working with gemstones in my jewelry and the core of my passion for my craft.

Gemstone jewelry is more than just an accessory. It’s a wearable piece of earth magic.”

February 28, 2023 — Jordan Dzierwa