At SKYDOG, it’s one of our core values that jewelry should speak to the wearer and reflect what they hold in their heart.

Fine jewelry is always a celebration, whether it’s an investment in yourself or marking your love for another. Jewelry should reflect your individualism; your life, love, and values. 

Many of our pieces are one of a kind - and even in our signature lines, the individual nature of gemstone inclusions means almost every stone looks completely unique. But to take it one step further (or rather, three steps further…) we also offer three ways to make your own personal mark on your jewelry. 

   1. Customizable and stackable rings 

Our rings are designed as statement pieces on their own, but also with the ability to stack two or more rings together.

In particular, our shaped wedding bands pair beautifully with our multi-stone, halo, and large solitaire rings.

Choose different rings to stack together in the metal, stones, and colorways that speak to you - adding an individual touch to your wedding, engagement, and celebratory sets.

To make your rings even more personal, you can customize them to add a particular gemstone you love or to suit your engagement ring - like this;

Here, our customer Rachel wanted a wedding band that would compliment her engagement ring.

We did just that, adding small stones of Arizona turquoise into our diamond set shaped wedding ring to match the solitaire Arizona turquoise of her engagement ring.

     2. Bespoke pieces 

If you follow along on Instagram you’ll know creating bespoke SKYDOG pieces is one of our favorite things to do. We love taking the ideas of our customers and turning them into a fully realized, personal piece of jewelry.

From pendants to engagement rings, we collaborate with you to make a piece unlike any other - whether simply to incorporate a gemstone you love, or creating a piece to speak of your unique life and values. Helping bring your ideas to life is part of the SKYDOG DNA. 

There is nothing more magical than taking our customer’s unique idea for a piece and transforming it into a tangible manifestation of that dream.

All bespoke projects involve working closely with founder and designer Jordan. Starting with a one-on-one consultation to discuss unique ideas, stories, and lifestyle, Jordan ensures all SKYDOG commissions start with the individual… and end with an authentic and personal realization of their life and loves. 

This is also an opportunity to meander through Jordan’s collection of one-off gemstones. Each with its own inclusions and histories, choosing a unique stone adds to the magic of creating bespoke pieces.

Here’s a snap of one of our engagement rings and wedding bands, featured in our love stories.

This bespoke commission commemorated the unique love between Triss and Vinh, with a bespoke Carico Lake Turquoise halo engagement ring and wishbone inlay wedding band.

With Turquoise having significance in Triss’ culture, the rings were both a celebration of their love for each other and a reflection of personal values and cultural history.

    3. Bespoke pieces using heirloom jewelry

Jewelry should be made to love and to last.

When we use the earth’s elements to fashion our jewelry, we respect and are grateful for precious metal and stones made over thousands of years. On top of these pieces of the earth’s history, we layer our own.

Jewelry becomes infused with personal stories and unique histories, from family heirlooms, stones passed down through the generations, bequeathed engagement rings, and treasured wedding rings. 

At SKYDOG we know how special jewelry is, and we honor that by offering bespoke pieces that can incorporate heirloom jewelry or precious family stones. Our aim is to pay tribute to the past and the stories enshrined in the stones, whilst breathing fresh life and a new layer of meaning into them.

In one of our recent love stories we crafted a bespoke engagement ring for Gabriella.

This stunning commission involved taking a ring from Gabriella’s grandma and using the sentimental diamonds to reimagine her personal heirloom with a modern style. Not only was the new piece far more Gabby’s style, but it also helped tell the couple’s own story, blending in ideas from fiancé Parker to become a physicalization of his feelings for Gabriella. 

In many ways, heirloom stones used in engagement rings are a piece of history. Layering together thousands of years of earth history, years of family histories, and personal moments from our past, they then help us celebrate the future.

At SKYDOG, being able to offer unique and personal pieces is one of the most magical parts of designing and hand crafting jewelry. Whether it be a customized, bespoke, or heirloom rework piece, we are always honored to be part of your stories.

For your own bespoke piece, please contact us at or schedule a complimentary Zoom consultation here.

July 15, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa