From the Tuscan hills to Vashon Island, Gabriella & Parker’s love is a whirlwind tale of friendship becomes romance.

Re-working an heirloom piece into Gaby’s engagement ring, we’re thrilled to have played a part in this incredible story… 


 Il Loro Amore

Gabriella and Parker met in college, with dorm rooms on the same floor and friends in common. Best friends before they ever started dating, they were drawn closer together in the years after graduating. When Gabriella impulsively moved to Italy to be an Au Pair, Parker came to visit. By the end of his trip they had fallen deeply in love…

During their visit to Florence, they took a train out to San Gimignano in Tuscany for the day. They describe the trip as “straight out of a movie; we were sharing headphones listening to music, very nervously just entering this new kind of relationship.”

As the train flew through the Tuscan hills, Parker and Gabriella fell into a dizzying new chapter in their relationship. Running around the streets of Florence high on Chianti and new love, both realized they had found “their person”, and they had been there all along.

Given he travelled five thousand miles to make love happen, it’s perhaps fitting that Gabriella is inspired by how Parker brings his dreams and wishes to life. For Parker, he adores how Gaby shows care for the people she loves most.


The Engagement

Gabriella & Parker’s proposal was as spontaneous and natural as the couple themselves.

After moving into their first apartment together they were excited to explore the bustling city life of Seattle. But this was early 2020, and instead they found themselves navigating the emotional upheaval of covid, lockdowns, and protests.

So when the proposal came, it was an unplanned moment of joy in the midst of some dark days. Gabriella explains – “We were driving home late one night from a friend's house. It had been a hard day with lots of Covid sadness. On our way home, I looked over at him and said let's go make a drink, go to our favorite park in the city, and get engaged. He looked at me with the biggest eyes and his hand that I was holding immediately started to sweat…”

Both laughing, they headed for home. They grabbed a blanket and wine, and drove out to Magnuson Park. Parker and Gabriella got and got engaged listening to their favorite song by The National under a huge full moon.

The ring was just as unique and personal. Having found SKYDOG on Instagram, Parker was fascinated with the design and story of our brand. The couple already knew theirs would be an heirloom rework using a ring Gabriella had gifted to her by her grandma many years ago. Gabriella had played with this chunky, antique ring as a child, pretending to married – and now, it became her engagement ring.

Together, Jordan and Parker designed a new piece incorporating the existing diamonds. The design was a complete surprise to Gabriella, who adored the fusion of the sentimental diamonds, Parker’s ideas, and our SKYDOG touch.


The Wedding

Gabriella and Parker married in July 2021 at Gabriella’s grandparents’ cottage on Vashon Island. Their beautiful, intimate wedding was a celebration of love – a huge party by the water filled with food, alcohol, dancing, hugging, kissing, and lots of happy tears.

Describing the day as “more than a dream come true… every bit felt like pure magic”, Gabriella and Parker know they’ll be fondly reminiscing on their wedding forever.

The wedding was captured on 35mm, polaroid, and Super 8 film by Hannah Shae (@hannahsheaphoto), resulting in natural, dreamy images that truly capture the spirit of the day.



Gabriella’s ring was a bespoke creation, designed by Parker and SKYDOG using Gabriella’s heirloom ring. The wedding rings were also SKYDOG – a ruby signet ring for Parker and a bespoke fitted band for Gabriella. 

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April 04, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa