As Californians, we know something about summer. 

Whether you’re a year-round sun seeker or day tripping to the beach, as summer starts it’s time to start thinking about how to properly care for your jewelry…

A lot of the things we love most about the season aren’t so good for your precious pieces - sun, sea, and sand. But with a little attention and the right cleaning and care, you can avoid any damage.

Stay out of the water…

SKYDOG jewelry may be made near the sea - but like all fine jewelry, it’s not made for it.

The salt in seawater can damage gold and platinum jewelry and some gemstones. Erosion to softer stones can loosen them from their settings. So it’s a good idea to keep your pieces out of the sea to prevent any damage or even potentially losing your stone.

Similarly, chemicals used in pools and hot tubs can tarnish your jewelry and cause discoloration of the metal. Gold alloys are particularly affected by chlorine, and with repeated exposure will become brittle and weak. If you’re taking a dip it’s best to remove your jewelry.

Beach days = best days

If you’re planning on a beach day, we’d recommend leaving your precious pieces at home. Not because they might go missing (if you read the love story of Chantz and Abigail you’ll know what we mean…), but because sand can be damaging to gemstones - especially if any tiny grains get into inlays or settings.

And while suncream won’t necessarily damage your jewelry, it will leave a slight film on the pieces which can make them look dull or dirty.

Spring summer cleaning 

If you’re taking your jewelry off whilst you swim or sunbathe, remember to store your jewelry carefully to avoid damaging the surface of the metal or the stones.

Use a soft, cloth lined jewelry box or bag and use dividers or store pieces separately to avoid them scratching each other. 

To clean your piece, use a mild solution of soap and warm water and gently clean your jewelry using a soft toothbrush. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth, and buff the jewelry with a soft or polishing cloth to shine.

And that's it! Please reach out to with any additional questions about cleaning and caring for your jewelry.

July 15, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa