From the earth in which it was formed to adorning its new owner, the journey of a gemstone is a special one.

Often the pipeline of a piece of jewelry can be lengthy, with different companies and people involved at each step.

At SKYDOG, our approach is a little different. By keeping the SKYDOG creation journey as small and personal as possible, we know exactly where the stones we use in our pieces have come from.

Founder Jordan explains his approach…

Earth Magic

“For me, one of the most wondrous things about gemstones is the layers of earth history each holds inside, the colors and inclusions formed over years of geological processes.

Understanding the origins of each stone is essential to the way my pieces are formed.

I want to know who has mined or found them, who has collected and held them, where they have come from.

It means I know I’m using ethically sourced stones - and it also means I know their stories.

I love working with precious gems. I appreciate the gift the earth has given us, forming these incredible stones over thousands of years. I love the little bit of earth magic contained within each piece of carefully crafted jewelry.

Sourcing the stones I use in my pieces for me is deeply personal. One of my favorite things to do is actually visit the mines and my contacts to see exactly where my stones are coming from.

If I’m not getting stones directly from a mine or cove, I source them from my small and trusted network of cutters and collectors. These stones tend to be ones they’ve sourced themselves directly from the mines and coves themselves, so the pipeline is still kept as small as possible. 

For example, this piece of Black Jade from the Big Sur region of California was collected in the 1970s and has been held since then by a collector in the region. Collecting the stones directly from him, I heard all about his fascinating life and work.

If you want to hear the stories behind the SKYDOG stones you choose, I’m always delighted to share. I can tell you where your gemstones have come from, and usually have a story or two to tell about how and why I chose them.

And personally, I think it makes our gemstone jewelry all the more magical….”

August 26, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa