Earth Magic

At the heart of SKYDOG jewelry is a sense of wonder and awe. Founder Jordan Dzierwa honors our connection to the earth with fine jewelry crafted from the most beautiful of its gifts.

Each Creation is a celebration of the incredible gemstones the earth provides, hand selected for their individuality and beauty.

SKYDOG's signature style blends natural precious materials with sleek craftsmanship, for modern luxury with personality and spirit.

Crafted for Love

In finding love we celebrate the deepest human connection.

SKYDOG's engagement, commitment, and wedding rings are designed to reflect the unique spirit of your relationship.

Each piece is crafted in Los Angeles with celebration and joy, using materials as precious and extraordinary as your love.

Our Connection

Our bond with the world and it people is something we take seriously. Championing local production and materials, SKYDOG supports other small and independent businesses.

The earth provides the materials we use and inspires our ideas. We recognize the debt we owe to the world and believe in our responsibility to protect it.

As SKYDOG grows we realize more of our dream to be a fully sustainable and holistic business. You can read more about our progress and promises here.

The SKYDOG Story

Hi - I’m Jordan, designer and jeweler behind SKYDOG.

I believe my call to jewelry owes as much to ancestry as passion. My grandfather was a master engraver and craftsman and my father spent thirty years as a jeweler.

But perhaps my greatest jewelry lesson came from early memories of my mother’s rings. Bought on a Seventies Arizona road-trip in homage to her idol Cher, they are a reminder of travel, aspiration, and joy. That the true value of jewelry lies in its personal story and meaning has never left me.

Beginning my journey in jewelry at the bench, I learnt the traditional techniques that run in my blood. In making jewelry my life's work I feel a deep connection to the skill and love of the family who came before me.

I'm fascinated by the human and natural wonders of the world, immersing myself in travel, reading, and learning. With my eyes open to inspiration, I am in communion with the earth. In SKYDOG, I honor that feeling.