There’s something special at SKYDOG – a new-to-us stone. Malibu agate.

 Why is agate special?

Agate is beautiful in both meaning and appearance.

For SKYDOG, we choose creamy white agate with an intriguing variation of translucence and opacity. Agate is known for its distinctive bands, radiating outwards like the rings of a tree trunk. Other pieces look like clouds, or sea foam. Others are tinged with grey.

The individuality of the inclusions and patterning makes agate such a special stone for jewelry - no stone will ever be like yours.

Paired with gold or diamonds, this milky white or grey stone makes a subtle and ethereal statement.


What does agate symbolize?

Agate is a stone of abundance and harmony. A beautiful stone to symbolize the beginning of a marriage, agate is a blessing of good fortune and open hearts.

As a personal talisman, white agate brings protection and peaceful energy.


What are the properties of agate?

The positive energy of agate is said to help balance and soothe the emotions, promoting calm in any situation.

A healing stone associated with the crown chakra, white agate will help focus and still a busy mind.


Where does SKYDOG agate come from?

As always, SKYDOG commits to sourcing our stones as locally as possible. Our agate is no exception, coming to us from nearby Malibu. This magical region is more than just a famous beachfront, its coastline dotted with rugged hills and canyons. We like to think the contrast of luxury and nature makes these stones right at home in SKYDOG jewelry…

Our Malibu agate is sourced as rough, which we take to our stone cutter to be transformed into finished gems. Each stone is unique, so our cutter maps out the perfect shape and cut for each one, showcasing its individuality.


How do you care for agate jewelry?

Our natural agates are not treated or dyed, so you can clean your pieces with confidence.

To maintain the finish of the stone and jewelry, use a mild solution of warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Gently clean around your stone and setting before drying thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Finally, buff the metal to a shine with a soft or dedicated polishing cloth.


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March 09, 2022 — Jordan Dzierwa