When most people imagine an engagement ring, they usually visualize a traditional diamond solitaire, first popularized by a De Beers advertising campaign launched in the 1940s. However - whether they’re going against the norm or seeking something with more meaning and personality - today’s consumers are considering alternative gemstone engagement rings.

Have you ever thought about buying a turquoise engagement ring or even a turquoise and diamond ring? A captivating alternative to a diamond center stone, turquoise has one of the oldest and most storied pasts of all the gemstones. Did you know that archaeologists have found turquoise beads dating back to 5000 BC? In terms of history, a diamond simply can’t compete - the first example of a diamond in jewelry was in 1074 AD, when it was set in the crown of a Hungarian queen.

Over time, many cultures have prized turquoise, assigning symbolic value to it. For the Native North Americans, turquoise was considered a symbol of power, luck, and protection. In fact, many Native Americans believed that wearing turquoise enabled their minds to become one with the universe.

Though many people associate turquoise with Native American culture, it has captivated the hearts and minds of people all over the world. For example, in some Asian countries, turquoise rings were worn to protect against evil. In fact, the Asian peoples believed that when a turquoise ring is given with pure intentions, the ring will bring happiness and good fortune, and it will also emit protective energy. How special would it be to give your beloved something that will protect her always?

According to some, turquoise also stimulates the initiation of romantic love and promotes spontaneity between two romantic lovers. Often turquoise is used to encourage marital harmony and improve communication. By giving your loved one a turquoise engagement ring, you’re communicating to her that you’ll always be open to the next adventure and that you’ll be ready to talk through any challenge that may arise.

Better yet, imagine explaining to your beloved why you decided to opt for turquoise and what it means for your relationship. Your turquoise engagement ring will have much more intrinsic value and attract many more compliments from people who notice the norm-defying, cool blue stone.

June 12, 2018 — Jordan Dzierwa