Moving the business was a big decision for Jordan. He had been itching to get into a new space for a year but money wouldn't allow it. So we made do with what was possible.



To be honest, it was an awesome space considering rent was free and we basically had the ability to do whatever we wanted to the place. We covered the walls with dry wall and paint. Made our own jewelry benches and tables. Bought a giant tree stump to stamp on. 


(Loyal stamping stump)


Having a home studio during the first couple years of owning a business is definitely something we (and some of our other favorite vendors & artists) recommend. You have an ability to take risks on projects that you normally would shy away from due to cost. For us, those risks paid off well enough for us to get the studio of what dreams are made of.  


(insert dreams here)


Now the slow and steady moving process has begun. We could not be more excited and inspired to be in the space. Even more so, the new fresh pieces, collaborations and ideas that will come from this new fresh space. Can't wait to share all of it with you! But for now, enjoy pictures of the maker himself jamming through the wee hours of the night to get all of the orders out.



ps. None of this would have been possible without the support from all of you! So we can't thank you enough! Exciting news coming soon...
July 13, 2015 — Julie Meza