Creator of Skydog Jewelry

"You could say jewelry was in my blood."

Jordan never thought he would inherit the family business, but now that he has turned his career into jewelry he couldn't see it any other way. "My grandfather and father made jewelry. You could say jewelry was in my blood." Having a live-in mentor gave Jordan an upper hand when it came to learning the craft, but building his brand was not so seamless. Jordan: "I signed up for every event. Gave stuff away. I just wanted my name out there. I was going to do jewelry or I was going to be homeless. There was never any other option for me." The countless hours and dedication paid off and now Jordan enjoys the fruits of his labor in Skydog's new studio. He relishes, "Now long hours are something I look forward to. This place constantly inspires me." He reveals that there are quite a few new pieces in the works, so stay tuned!

What motivates and inspires Jordan most is: "Fear. The fear of failing at a piece of jewelry or with the company as a whole. This business is based on social media, something no one has encountered until now. The internet has changed everything. There's no exact blue print for how to succeed. I have a degree in marketing and great innate jewelry skills, but I'm just winging the rest." 

The feeling he enjoys most when making a piece is: "The intimacy between the maker and an inanimate object. A lot of sweat and time goes into each piece, making them unique and meaningful. When you're buying a Skydog piece, you're buying directly from the maker. It hasn't been made overseas or at the lowest cost possible. The emphasis is on quality pieces that will last a lifetime."

He looks most forward to: "Watching the company grow. I'd like to slowly scale the company to reach a global audience without compromising the quality of each piece. Its difficult, but it's not impossible. And that's the aspect that I enjoy. I started doing this because it was a challenge, not because it was going to be easy." 

Hometown: Laguna Hills, CA

Last Meal: Chicken Fajitas from my mom

Can't Live Without: Podcasts. When I'm pulling long hours at the bench, I need hoards of content to listen to. 

First Memory: Breaking my nose when I was three years old. I fell out of a high chair when we lived in Lake Forest, CA and smashed my nose on the ground. Somehow I ended up covered in mashed potatoes in the process.

Favorite Skydog Piece: For men, the Chief Ring. It takes the longest to make, but when all the pieces come together, its worth it. For women it would have to be the Aura Ring. I like all of the opal pieces we have right now, but that one is my favorite.

July 19, 2015 by Julie Meza